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Let's take the hassle out of property maintenance.

Get 24/7 control over the whole process, from renter requests and authorizations to project status and invoices.

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    Covers a wide range of home and commercial property services including interior and exterior repair and maintenance work that does not require certification or licenses in most states. Examples of handyman services are:

    • Drywall
    • Fixture replacement
    • Smart Home product installation
    • Painting - interior and exterior
    • Power washing
    • Tile installation
    • Window repair
    • Small appliance repair
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    Covers plumbing services to maintain the system of pipes, tanks, etc. required for water supply, heating, and sanitation of a building. Plumbers are commonly called for the following issues:

    • Sink, toilet and tub repair or replacement
    • Pipe removal and installation
    • Water heater repair or replacement
    • Drain cleaning—snaking and scoping
    • Septic tank maintenance and repair
    • Sewer line maintenance and repair
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    Covers HVAC services—Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning—that maintain heating and cooling systems. HVAC techs are often called for the following types of jobs:

    • Leak identification and repair
    • Drainage issues
    • Capacitor repair or replacement
    • Unit servicing or replacement
    • Troubleshooting
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    Covers electrical services to install, maintain and repair electrical power, communications and lighting systems for both private and commercial properties. Examples of electrical jobs include:

    • Outlet repair or replacement
    • GFCI receptacle installation
    • Circuit breaker repair or replacement
    • New wire installation
    • Troubleshooting
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    Work Orders

    Work Orders

    Property Managers can process maintenance repair requests by generating work orders directly in the Homee On Demand dashboard. Specifically, property managers can:

    • Track ordered services and completion status
    • Organize property maintenance expenses
    • Identify problematic properties that have high maintenance requirements
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    HOMEE’s renovation services range from construction to emergency remediation to basic core services. Some examples include:

    • Construction services including, but not limited to installing new roofs, doors, windows, and drywall
    • Mold identification and remediation
    • Emergency removal of animals in walls and attics
    • Smart Home device and control system installation
    • Remediation of code violations
    • Services associated with property turns
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    Common tasks associated with property turns include:

    • Interior and exterior patching and painting
    • Door knobs, cabinet hinges and pulls replacement
    • Removal or installation of new faucets, sinks, toilets, and tubs
    • Carpet cleaning, removal and/or installation
    • Outlet repair
    • Landscaping and yard work
    • Power washing
    • HVAC filter changes
    • Smart Home device installation
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    Code Violations

    Code Violations

    While code violations vary from community to community, there are several common ones that Homees address regularly. A few examples include:

    • Installation of address numerals
    • Replacement of GFCIs and outdoor circuits
    • Reparation of deteriorating wood, siding, roof covering, fence, walls, etc.
    • Installation of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
    • Pool fences and enclosures repair
    • Landscaping of yards and swales/rights-of-way
    • Removal of trash and debris
    • Exterior painting
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Field Job Request

Renters submit their service requests in the app.

Review and Approve

You receive, review, set limits, and authorize requests with one touch.

Get The Project Started
Renters use Homee to schedule approved work at their convenience. Work orders are completed on time and on budget.

Real-time project tracking.

No matter how many properties you're running, or how many jobs are going on, Homee keeps tabs on everything. Keep an eye on it all from your dashboard, from tracking active projects to managing invoices and more. 

Happier renters.

Renters want to know you're on top of any problems that come up. With Homee, you can review and approve their requests and empower them to order and schedule work at their convenience.  

We've got your back.

If you're using a combination of your own maintenance staff and preferred outside pros, Homee is the perfect backup plan. Have more than you can handle? Our network of pre-approved service providers is ready and available on demand. 




Safety Guarantee

To ensure we have the most qualified, knowledgable experts in the field, Homee screens service professionals for:

  • Criminal Record
  • SSN Verification
  • Trade License Status

Guarantee Shield

Quality Guarantee

Want maintenance calls to stop haunting your dreams? With Homee, renters send requests with pictures. You approve and we can be there in 30 minutes.

  • $1,000 Homee Quality Guarantee
  • $2M Insurance Coverage



Game changing app and service! I used Homee On Demand for the first time and was blown away by the simplicity of the app/process, the high-quality work product, and professionalism of the contractor and Homee staff. A BIG thank you to Giubel, Jose, and Tim for your attention and assistance! From a cost standpoint, the price was less than expected and came in under budget! The Handyman, Giubel, was fantastic and we were only charged for the actual time he was working. I can’t say enough good things about my Homee experience! I oversee multiple locations and will definitely be using Homee again!

Shaun S.
Vice President of Operations

I have to say that I love this app and company. I have had nothing but amazing service by the best professionals and spot on customer service from the Homee office. I will be using Homee from now on. You have made a forever customer out of me Homee. THANK YOU! #ravingfan

Amber L.
Property Manager

We love how Homee helps us keep track of time and cost. With Homee, we can run several jobs at once to take care of multiple clients needs. Homee gets it Done. Right. Now.

Eric P.
Senior Facility Services Manager